My obsession with food started at a young age. Food in my family was always something celebrated and talked about. Be it the fillet steak someone cooked or the pot of leek and potato soup on the stove. My mum is an amazing cook (although she gets pushed to the side so I can cook these days!) and growing up all my school friends always wanted to come to my house for tea!

It was never chicken nuggets and chips for our dinner (although I love them), and I think my mum's experimentation and ingenuity with our dinners really formed my opinions of delicious home cooked food.

Adam's Kitchen is a place for me to put my dinners, lunches, experiments and ideas down in one place. Home-cooked food is the food that I crave, as this is the food that soothes the soul and that is the food that I cook.


In a previous life I had a history degree and worked as a digital marketing exec.

Since then i've been professionally trained, worked at the 1* Michelin Fera @ Claridges, amongst many others and been a baker.

Im currently a freelance assistant food stylist, recipe write and developer, as well as food writer.

I hope you enjoy cooking these recipes as much as I enjoy eating them!


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