Sometimes just one ingredient spotted out of the corner of your eye can decide your dinner for you, and markets are superb for this type of cooking.

This is a rarity that few can afford. Most have to plan meals, not cook on a whim from an ingredient that’s got you going that particular day! Sometimes you just have to indulge it though.

Today when walking through Nice market in glorious Spring sunshine (sorry) I spotted some beautiful apricots. Almost instantly ideas started to form in my head about what delights I could do with them, baked with brown sugar or wrapped in Parma ham and baked with goats cheese. But after a little wonder I found a stall selling all types of spices and spices mixes as well as teas and more types of salt than you knew existed. Out of the visual barrage of spices I noticed they had Ras-el-hanout, and that was that. Dinner was decided.

I knew I had chicken legs and thighs in the fridge, onions, garlic, chopped tomatoes, everything I needed. All that was left was to pick up some fresh mint, a huge bunch for 1 euro, roots still intact, and I was wandering home knowing I had a treat in store.

Any North African worth their salt would probably kill me but I had some chorizo left over, so chucked it into the tagine for good measure. Not traditional, but everything’s better with chorizo, isn’t it?

45 minutes at 180, then chuck the quartered apricots on for the final 15 and jobs a good’un. We served it with Quinoa as we had some in, and mint sprinkled on top.

Annoyingly my phones broken so no wanky food pictures! I can hear the collective sigh of relief/scepticism.

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